Festka One Classic


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Carbon has never looked so steel
Whether you dislike oversize tubes and fancy profiles, cannot deal with modern bottom bracket standards or think that the Chris King NoThread headset is too sexy not to use, this option is for you. Comfortable and reliable, stylish and performing, this bicycle will make you feel a true bon-vivant enjoying every minute of your ride. It will be a splendid alternative to your uncompromisingly stiff racing bike on the days of laid-back cycling explorations with the minimum of pain or discomfort so usual for long rides.
General characteristics
Fragile look with a robust body
Unpretentious and demure, it captivates with its modest elegance. But it is not only the looks that make this frame different. The size of the tubes called for utmost precision and pointed innovation of the frame construction. To manufacture tubes of this diameter without sacrificing any of the frame stability, we used a very thin carbon fiber sufficiently increasing the number of layers. Several layers of wound filament render higher vibration damping capacity and account for the unprecedented comfort of the ride. At the same time, increased layering makes each tube more robust and impact resistant.
Ideal in small sizes
Thanks to its slender lines and soft angles this frame shines in small sizes making it a perfect choice for a middle to small-sized rider. With its frail delicacy and sexiness this bike will become an appealing hout-couture complement of any stylish cyclist.
No more fear of cobblestones
Although it may lack the ultimate performance of a racing bike, the frame’s somewhat lesser stiffness will pay off well on pitted tarmac or crumbling roads where it will ensure unrivalled comfort and reduce the road chatter. You won’t notice the patches of rough surface or cobblestones flying over them on your Classic quietly and smoothly.
Willing climber

One Classic will perform faultlessly when riding up the hill
For many a cyclist Stelvio pass would be a daunting riding target: hard to achieve, impossible to ignore. With ONE Classic climbing this iconic hill has never been easier. Like a quiet cruiser, this willing and able climber will take you up the hill with no jolts or unpleasant quiver. Fluidity and grace in all its moves will let you enjoy every carve of the road and feast your eyes on the breathtaking alpine scenery.


  1. Shifting: Mechanical, EPS, Di2, eTap
  2. Fork: ENVE Road 1 1/8
  3. Rear hub: 130 mm, post mount, QR
  4. Bottom bracket shell: 86/41 mm (BSA optional)
  5. Head tube: 34 mm
  6. Read derailleur hanger: Titanium
  7. Seatpost diameter: 31.6 mm
  8. Tires clearance: 25 mm
  9. Weight: cca 950 g